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In the Wilderness

This week in worship, on our Advent journey to Bethlehem we enter wilderness places. Now, we might imagine favorite hiking, camping, fishing, hunting spots. We might remember feeling the stress release, the euphoria of beauty, a sense of awe and wonder and freedom and even “home” in some of the places which come to mind.
And that’s not quite what Bible writers had in mind

While We Wait…

Last week was the first Sunday of Advent – New Year’s Day for the Christian church! So exciting! We eagerly came into the sanctuary to see the lights and the wreaths. We joyously watched a family begin our familiar Advent story and light the first candle on the Advent wreath. We dusted off the Advent…

Staying Awake for Christmas

This week we begin Advent in the church calendar year. It’s a time to prepare for the coming of Jesus among us at Christmas. On this Saturday morning, our sanctuary will start to be decorated with greens and other adornment of the season. And just outside our doors, in Bronson Park, candy canes are up, lights are hung and lit, and all around downtown or wherever you live and move Christmas music rings out!