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Holy Week

It is a time to put ourselves into the gospel stories as human imperfection, pathos, and resurrection unfold. It is a time for poetry—for expression of what we sense it means for our life, far more than explanation of how it all happened exactly. Because in the end, and the beginning of faith, the great promises of Holy Week are more than something special that happened to Jesus. They are real and revealed ever anew in the rhythms of our ordinary lives.

A Grand Parade

This Sunday in worship we celebrate Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. It’s a grand parody of victorious procession—a conquering royal hero vanquishing foes. Except no ruler by fear, this is the Prince of Peace. His ministry approaches culmination. His impact reaches contentious climax. His life will come to an end. We understand events of Holy Week, especially Jesus’ death on the cross, most faithfully in relation to everything that comes before and after. Why his way lead to the cross. Why authorities of Rome and religion wanted to kill him. How, in the power of God’s love, that wasn’t the end of the story…

holy spirit as lens to see Jesus

Vision Check

Jesus calls on his followers to look at him, not through the eyes of the world, but through the refractive grace of the Holy Spirit. Without the Spirit’s lens on the events to follow, we see only one more Jewish insurrectionist executed by the Romans. …The truth of that moment that resonates through the generations is that, in that moment, when Jesus is lifted up on the cross, and in the days that follow, people saw the divine revealed through the humanity of Jesus. Through the lens of Jesus, our vision of God is corrected, and the world around us is brought back into focus.