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Strong Love and Weak Clay

We like pottery in our home. Cups and glasses. Plates and mixing bowls. Vases and urns. Various colors and sizes, similar patterns, yet none exactly the same. Common ordinary vessels of life, with beauty beyond their mere functionality. Each unique piece shaped by hands, most of which we cannot see and will never know, but whose work we cherish. According to Biblical writers, it’s a fitting symbol for who we are in God’s grace—human clay in the loving hands of our Divine Potter.

Grace We Can Understand

There is much goodness in life. In the vitality of our world. In loving relationship. In moments of beauty and joy that arise far beyond anything we’ve planned. If only we have eyes to see. And there is much we don’t understand—why did it happen? How did we get here? Where are we going? In faith we try to use words to express those experiences and make sense of our purpose in life—like, “grace.”

Mother’s Day!

This week at Rotary a presenter spoke about human trafficking. There’s so much disturbing about the reality, yes, present here in our community. I was struck by one particular term I hadn’t heard before. Relational poverty. That’s been swirling in my mind and heart ever since. Not a complicated idea, really. But it brings clarity for me. Relational poverty—a condition of people who suffer an absence of love, attention, guidance, affirmation.