"A Sanctuary in the City… Living Faith"


Creating Family

This picture is from the Jesus Mafa interpretation of biblical stories (Jesus inviting children to come to him). We have a series of these prints hanging in our church hallway. This week, in worship, the Lectionary gives us the story of Hagar and Ishmael in Genesis 21:9-21. Through this story we reflect on being family.…

God is Our Refuge and Strength

Amid anger and fear felt in so many ways, after vandalism and tear gas the night before, as a car and, later, homes would burn about fifteen blocks from our church, we lit one of our old Christ candles and kept vigil for love and justice and peace to settle in hearts and on streets of our city

Home Blessings

We’ve centered our lives wherever we call home, now, for weeks. We live more deeply into places familiar, with patterns upset, discerning new routines, seeking meaning, purpose, relationship. Walking a labyrinth can center us into God’s presence through reflection on twists and turns of life’s journey. As COVID-ian twists and turns continue to evolve in…

Set Free through Forgiveness

It seems unavoidable. As humans, we cause hurt. And we carry hurts caused by others. Or we can let them go. Forgiveness. We face it every day in little things that arise; in persistent conflicts that just can’t seem to heal or fade; in relationships with those we love intimately, work colleagues, and strangers we pass on the street … or those who pass us.

Sanctuary for All

Whatever we do together—in our sanctuary and elsewhere in our community—I believe that’s what God wants us to be and to share. Jesus says he is that temple of God’s presence and power in the world. And through the resurrection, we believe we become the body of Christ. We are built together as the temple, the spiritual dwelling place of God.

The Cross and the Medal Platform

The cross. Defeat. Suffering. Humiliation. Death. The end of life. Foolish? Ridiculously stupid is more like it! And it’s the central core, the greatest expression of our living faith. God’s way to resurrection hope, power, peace, the fullest life we could know beyond our imagination. ……… What?

Staying Awake for Christmas

This week we begin Advent in the church calendar year. It’s a time to prepare for the coming of Jesus among us at Christmas. On this Saturday morning, our sanctuary will start to be decorated with greens and other adornment of the season. And just outside our doors, in Bronson Park, candy canes are up, lights are hung and lit, and all around downtown or wherever you live and move Christmas music rings out!

Spooktacular Songs!

On October 15, 2017, at 3:00p Elizabeth Bruce (organist at FPC) and friends will present a family-friendly concert. This event will feature some “scary” organ songs (e.g. Phantom of the Opera and Bach’s (in)famous Toccata in d minor) that aren’t quite fitting for Sunday mornings, but are definitely fitting for Sunday afternoons! Elizabeth and special…

Free KSO Chamber Music Recital on September 26th

The Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra will again partner with First Presbyterian Church to present three FREE Community Chamber Music Recitals this year. The first recital will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2017 at 7 pm in the FPC sanctuary. It will feature The Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra Artists in Residence, who will be performing their all-new…