"A Sanctuary in the City… Living Faith"

 Do you need to contact one of the church staff members directly? The office is usually open from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. These hours may change due to COVID-19 changes, holidays, and other events. Make sure to check the church calendar page, or call, if you are unsure if we are open or not

Below is a handy list of the staff, their position at the church, phone extensions (if applicable), and email addresses. Feel free to either call or email if you need something from a specific staff member. If you do not know who is the correct staff member to call, simply call our main phone number and our greeter will forward your call to the correct staff member.

Church and Staff Directory

Telephone: (269) 344-0119 Fax: (269) 344-4645

The Reverend Dr. Seth Weeldreyer, Pastor, x202 seth.weeldreyer@kalamazoofirstpres.org

The Reverend Chrissy Westbury, Associate Pastor, x203 chrissy.westbury@kalamazoofirstpres.org

Dr. Patricia Stromsta, Director of Outreach, x204 pat.stromsta@kalamazoofirstpres.org

Meredith Alspach, Director of Youth and Families, meredith.alspach@kalamazoofirstpres.org

Cindy Hunter, Director of Music cindy.hunter@kalamazoofirstpres.org

Michael Montgomery, Organist jared.montgomery@kalamazoofirstpres.org

Ann Johnson, Office Administrator, x205 ann.johnson@kalamazoofirstpres.org

Louise Taylor, Financial Coordinator, x206 louise.taylor@kalamazoofirstpres.org

Hannah Foreman, Communications Coordinator x209 hannah.foreman@kalamazoofirstpres.org

Shawn Smith, Building Superintendent, x213 shawn.smith@kalamazoofirstpres.org

Randy Randt, Custodian

Logan McCafferty, Custodian

Bruce Birkel, South Lobby Receptionist, x221

Deb Weurding, South Lobby Receptionist, x221

Nik DeHaan, South Lobby Receptionist, x221

Sandy Sinotte, South Lobby Receptionist, x221

The Reverend Dr. Liz Hakken Candido, Parish Associate elizabeth.candido@kzoo.edu

The Reverend Kathleen Robertson King, Parish Associate and United Campus Ministry Pastor ucmkrking@yahoo.com

If you would like to know about about any of the staff members or what they do, make sure to check out the staff page.

Church Member Directory

If you to contact a member of the church, but do not have their contact information, make sure to check your church directory or contact Ann Johnson. If you need a replacement copy of the church member directory, contact Ann Johnson for that as well.