"A Sanctuary in the City… Living Faith"


Allison Hammond was elected Clerk of Session and Rick Russell was elected Treasurer. The following motions were made and adopted:
• to approve a revised Kalamazoo First Presbyterian Church logo as presented.
• to approve the congregational project of “Walking to Jerusalem”, to be held between
Easter and Pentecost.
• to revise the Sexual Misconduct and Child Abuse Policy.
• to approve the following Health Ministry mission statement:

The Health Ministry Committee recognizes that health involves the whole person – body, mind, and spirit, and promotes the well-being of individuals and families through all stages of life. It exists to foster a healthful life-style within our local and greater church community through the offering of health education programs, worship services for wholeness and healing, and support of the Health Ministry Coordinator and volunteers.

• to approve Kalamazoo First Presbyterian Church to become a member of ISAAC and
provide $500 from the Ford/Neff Fund for our dues.
• to approve the use of $8,160 from Capital Funds to fix a problematic roof drain.
• to approve a revised description of the McShane Colloquium: “McShane Colloquium
seeks to bring nationally known preachers to Kalamazoo to preach and reflect on the
craft of preaching, engaging with culture.”