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Health Ministry Committee Events Announced

The Health Ministry Committee is planning is a class on Sunday April 2nd directly following the church service in rooms 314-15. The class will be led by Bev Bloomquist: “Hiking the Himalayas….a Travelogue with Tips on how to Prepare for a Long Walk”. Bev will show slides of the hike/mountain climb that she and Bob did. Should be fun and informative!

We are also planning a “Walking to Jerusalem” program.
Spring is coming soon, and it’ll be time to get outside and move! To help get us going, The Health Ministry Committee will be sponsoring a virtual walk from Kalamazoo to Jerusalem (7,633 miles)! We’ll be tracking how far our congregation walks during the fifty days between Easter and Pentecost, mapping our progress on a wall in the Gathering Place. We’ll be encouraging everyone – young/ old, boy/girl, mom/dad, working/retired – to move and keep track of your ‘journey’. Whether you walk, run, bike, swim, practice yoga or Tai Chi, or just walk from your sitting room to the dining room – keep track of your steps or time. Can’t walk? Count minutes of stationery exercise; every 20 minutes equals one mile. We’ll be adding everyone’s miles together; updating a map every week.

Watch for more details in the weekly announcements!