"A Sanctuary in the City… Living Faith"

Walk Kalamazoo to Jerusalem

The Health Ministries Committee invites everyone in the congregation to
get healthy by getting moving this spring!

Join us in our ‘Walk to Jerusalem!’

We need to collect 3,589 miles to make our imaginary trek from Kalamazoo to Jerusalem.
Get your walking shoes, swim suit, bike, cane, or walker ready!!!

What kind of exercise counts? EVERYTHING! Swimming, biking, running,
walking, strolling, tai chi, yoga, walking the dog,

*** 20 minutes of any exercise = one mile!!***
We’ll be kicking off our project on Easter Sunday. There will be
information packets in the Gathering Place and on the website.
Questions? Contact Pat Farris (patfarris@gmail.com) (ph. 350-5307)
or Jill Barnum (jmbarnum68@gmail.com) (ph. 330-5995)


Sunday, May 7: This week’s total is 1,924 miles, and we are still in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Our next stop is Dublin, Ireland, and then on to Amsterdam! Our weekly winners are: Jim VanBuren with 106 miles, and the Bol family with 235 miles. Our new goal, since adding the Atlantic Ocean, is 7,133 miles, so keep up that exercising!

Sunday, April 23: Great job exercising last week! We collected 946.6 miles and are already to the Atlantic! Due to the great response, we are adding the ocean miles. This week’s mileage winners are: Margot Kinnear with 113.5 miles, and the DeBruin family with 204 miles! Any questions call Pat Farris@ 350-5307