"A Sanctuary in the City… Living Faith"

Come join the conversation! Each week, one of the pastors will reflect upon and ask questions of the focus texts for the upcoming Sunday’s worship. We invite you to read, reflect, and engage. Ask your own questions, or provide your thoughts on ours, in an email to the author if you’d like. Scripture is meant to be engaged in community, as we seek a way toward living our faith.

transfiguration mystical light

Mystical Light

Often through the history of faith, we seem to have preferred ordered process more than mystical experience. For good reason—as we remember how life is threatened in times of chaos. I trust that our lives and world are far better for all when ordered by Divine Love. I work for that order. Yet, we also have experiences and insights that cannot be rationally explained. And to try “ordering” them in our hearts or minds would be to diminish or lose completely the power they have to move us.

Good News is What We Do

The ways we communicate abound, of course—email, text, social media, phone, TV, YouTube, music, good ‘ol fashion newspapers and magazines, even hand-written cards and letters. Then, of course, there’s face to face conversation. We humans are made to relate and will always find new ways to do so. The question is: what do we say? What is worthy of us sharing, expressing, reposting, passing along?