"A Sanctuary in the City… Living Faith"

Come join the conversation! Each week, one of the pastors will reflect upon and ask questions of the focus texts for the upcoming Sunday’s worship. We invite you to read, reflect, and engage. Ask your own questions, or provide your thoughts on ours, in an email to the author if you’d like. Scripture is meant to be engaged in community, as we seek a way toward living our faith.


Allison Hammond was elected Clerk of Session and Rick Russell was elected Treasurer. The following motions were made and adopted: • to approve a revised Kalamazoo First Presbyterian Church logo as presented. • to approve the congregational project of “Walking to Jerusalem”, to be held between Easter and Pentecost. • to revise the Sexual Misconduct and Child Abuse Policy. • to approve…

Congressional Deacons

Class of 2017 Bob Candido Kathy Cooney Lisa and John Diamond Nancy Klesert Nancy Maleitzke Sue Potts Joseph Sablan Colleen and Mike Sherrill Class of 2018 Dorothy Castor Karen Cooper Dan Dowswell Nancy and Keith Johnson Karen Nellums Carolyn Neubauer Donna Schonveld Class of 2019 Tim Aldrich Cynthia Feucht Anna Hamel Karen Hassler Judy Johnson Wendy King Louise McCallum Jackie Stults

A Minute in Ministry

Many Christians from the earliest centuries to the present have affirmed that true wisdom combines knowledge of God and knowledge of ourselves. It’s more than just speculation of the mind. A full, rich life with meaning and purpose arises out of how we live faith in daily routines and respond to major concerns. Here’s how Richard Rohr expresses it:      We…