"A Sanctuary in the City… Living Faith"


Stepping Forward

Dear friends, we know God will make a way where it seems there is none. What will define us? What will shape our witness and way ahead? Real people will know we are Christian by our love! Jesus’ love defines us more than domination; guides our witness in all situations!

We step forward as one together in the Spirit, giving our heart to love God in Jesus Christ, as much as giving the hats of gloves and coat off our back, walking for homelessness or hunger, marching into Bronson Park for every cause symbolized in our waving palms.

holy spirit as lens to see Jesus

Seeing Jesus

I firmly believe that Christians of good will can disagree on many issues. I will, however, say, as it is written in the Theological Declaration of Barman – one of the confessional documents of the Presbyterian church – that I reject the idea that there are areas of my life that do not belong to Jesus. I reject the idea that I can talk about the life and witness of Jesus, the death and resurrection of Jesus without talking about how it is relevant in every aspect of my life today. And I will suggest that seeing Jesus as Jesus defines himself forces us to ask some difficult questions.