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Sermons (Page 21)

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Religious…and Spiritual

Sixth Sunday of Easter – John 14:15-21;25-27, Acts 17:22-34; Religious…and Spiritual – Groups of five and six Presbyterian ministers sat at round tables under a high beamed ceiling. Laughter and excited conversation sparkled throughout the room. At a CREDO conference last week, we tried to nurture in participants healthy life physically, emotionally, financially, vocationally, spiritually. There were…

Love Your Mother

Fifth Sunday of Easter – Genesis 2.4-9, 15-17, Psalm 8; Love Your Mother – It is sometimes said that the mother is the child’s first god.  There is truth in those words. The mother, most often, grows, nourishes, warms, comforts, embraces, encourages, delights in her child.  And the child is so enfolded by that love that,…