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Sunday Worship Time to Remain at 10:00 AM

Thank you to the more than one hundred twenty people who responded to the recent survey from the Worship and Music Committee concerning our Sunday morning worship time. We appreciate the many thoughtful responses we received and have tried to look at all sides of the discussion.  The proposal to change our starting time was brought to the committee last spring, and after consulting with Christian Education, it was decided to try it for the summer, gather input through a survey and make a decision in August for a recommendation to Session. The survey results show a clear majority preference for 10:00 AM as our regular worship time.  Of course, it was not unanimous so we understand that some of you will be disappointed with this decision. The Session has confirmed our recommendation and voted to set our Sunday worship time at 10:00 AM.

We hope the earlier time will enable opportunities to engage with our life together. There are a variety of wonderful ministries happening in our congregation! There are often opportunities to learn about projects and sign up to participate in the Gathering Place after church. Starting worship just a half hour earlier lets people explore without feeling rushed by the lunch hour.  After church adult education classes will get an earlier start, encouraging more people to participate. Plans are underway to expand opportunities for our youth in the after church time frame.

Before church adult education classes have continued to meet, with an emphasis on starting promptly. These small groups have the option of choosing to meet earlier, and the members of a group can make that decision.

Many respondents expressed appreciation for an earlier service as a way of getting their day started earlier and allowing time for family and friends later in the day. Some expressed concern with getting to church earlier, but we are hoping that this slightly earlier time will not prove too cumbersome and that any issues can be worked out in good faith.

Thank you, again, to the many people who provided their perspectives. Be assured that the committee will consider your comments and suggestions on other aspects of worship and, as ever, we look forward to hearing any questions or ideas as we all try to make worship a meaningful expression of God’s love for us.