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Tuesday Summer Series: “Acting Ethically in Anxious Times”

This is an open invitation to Kalamazoo leaders, activists, heads of outreach ministries, social justice innovators, local religious leaders of all faith traditions, and anyone seeking greater understanding of the responsibility of citizenship. St. Luke’s Episcopal Church is pleased to offer a series of community conversations that will take place this summer at St. Luke’s, one of the historic Bronson Park churches. These conversations will occur on six Tuesday evenings, 6:30—9:00, beginning June 6. The series, “Acting Ethically in Anxious Times”, will launch with a screening of the Gabriel Award-winning PBS documentary, An American Conscience: The Reinhold Niebuhr Story. After the screening and on five subsequent occasions, we will converse as a community of people who seek to engage and understand our shared civic responsibility. Together, and across our differences, we’ll move through guided discussions on the most pressing and difficult ethical questions confronting us today, both locally and nationally. (For additional information go to their website: stlukeskalamazoo.org.)