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Health Ministry News:

We will add together all the “miles” that the congregation moves each week, and will see if we can make it the 3,589 miles from Kalamazoo to Jerusalem!

  • We started on Ash Wednesday, February 17, 2021. Individuals and families send their collected “miles” to email address FPCwalk2021@gmail.com. Please include your name, and the number of “miles” you moved that week. If you would like to let us know how you have been moving, that would be great, you may inspire some others do move in ways they hadn’t considered! If you would rather not email, you can call Ann Ross at 269-344-0119, X211 and leave a message with your name and number of miles.
  • Those “miles” will be added and then announced in the next week’s email on Thursday. We will have to add the miles Sunday to Sunday to have them to Anna in time for the Thursday email. If you miss a deadline, just add those “miles” to your next week! Remember, any 20 minutes of continuous movement counts for 1 mile. As an example, if it takes an hour to shovel and snow blow your driveway,  that would be 3 miles! So walking the dog, yoga, vacuuming, running, cleaning the garage, biking, EVERY kind of continuous movement can count!
  • We will use a route that was created for our 2017 walk. It is enclosed here. Each week we will see if we made it to our designated destination. It will be fun to see how this goes. When we did this in 2017 we surpassed our destination most weeks, but the weather was nicer, so this year, we may have to be more creative!

If you have any questions, you can call Ann Ross at 269-344-0119, X211 or email ann.ross@kalamazoofirstpres.org, or Tami Schab at tsssj@juno.com

February 21:


  • Our first week goal (and it was a short week Wednesday to Sunday), we hoped to make it to Toledo, which was 150 miles. We made it!  We collectively “walked” 158 miles, which people reported were counted by walking, shoveling, tread mill, swimming, and golf.  We are on our way.  See this link to get more information about Toledo, and our next goal, Cleveland, OH.










February 28:

  • We made it past Pittsburgh! We recorded another 288 miles this week! Some of the activities included: grocery shopping, vacuuming, singing, snow blowing, and walking.






March 7

  • The total miles we walked this week was 518!  The various activities included cleaning, snow showing, walking, treadmill, and golf. See our map and more about the places on the way to Jerusalem here.  We’ve walked 956 miles so far, which takes us (not counting a quick “flight” over the Atlantic) right across the border of Germany into Austria, with a rest at Braunau am Inn,March 14

  • We walked 618 miles this week, which puts our total at 1583 miles! Almost half way there! Activities this week included shopping, golf, cleaning, walking, yoga, biking, PT and kayaking. We made it past Vienna and more than half way to Thessaloniki, Greece.

    March 21:

  • We walked 362 miles this week, which takes us past Thessaloniki, Greece, and part way to Istanbul, Turkey. We have “walked” 1945 miles altogether so far! Activities this week included walking, biking, and yoga. Happy Spring to all! Let’s keep moving and make it all the way to Jerusalem!

March 28:

We walked 750 miles this week! Some of these miles were accomplished with yard work, which some were able to do with the springlike weather we had. Biking, walking, yoga, and golf were some

of the other activities that logged up miles. This takes us past Istanbul and most of the way to Aleppo, Syria. We have walked 2,695 miles altogether. We are closing in on Jerusalem!

April 4:

This week we “walked” 461 miles which brings our grand total to 3156 miles. We are just a little short of Jerusalem, but came SO close. It was a lot of fun to get moving, and to see the creative ways people added miles, packing and loading cars, golf, walking, swimming and pool exercises, yoga, biking, kayaking, and gardening. Thanks to all who participated! Blessings and Happy Easter to all!