"A Sanctuary in the City… Living Faith"

Christian Education


Children and adults can experience many meaningful learning experiences in lessons and activities as a result of well-planned and organized programming by our wonderful staff , teachers, Christian EducationCommittee members, and volunteers.


Education Programs


Nursery: Infants and children up to age 3 are invited to our nursery on the second floor (ML) during Worship.

    • Children and youth meet in the sanctuary and are dismissed from worship service after the Moment with Young Worshipers, for participation in their respective programs.
    • The youth participate in Youth Fellowship, which meets on Sunday evenings from 5:00 – 8:00 pm. for activities and community volunteering opportunities.
    • The Children and Youth Sunday Service in June during worship is a highlight for presenting lessons learned, music and a culmination of the year’s educational growth.
    • Children and Youth Christmas Eve Service is enjoyed by many, and always beautifully presented with Scripture and music.
    • Vacation Bible School is offered in the month of June, is an another important event. We are one of five downtown churches that supports this program. VBS is hosted at First Presbyterian Church.
    • Summer activity trips, mission trips and work camp-community volunteer trips offer a variety of learning experiences for spiritual growth for youth and adult chaperones.

The Church Library, located on the mid-level of the building, has excellent books available for children and adults. A book rack is available in the Gathering Place on Sunday mornings.

Living Faith: Intergenerational Confirmation Class

A confirmation class for 8th graders through adults is forming for anyone interested in learning more about what it means to be a Presbyterian. This class is for people who are already members and for those thinking of membership, for teens and adults! Sign up in the narthex or on the CE bulletin board, or talk to Pastor Chrissy if you are interested.

Lectionary Class

Join Ray Wicks and Kurt Grossman in Room 301 every Sunday morning from 9:00-9:45 to discuss the scripture text for that day, and the ways it applies to everyday life.

Thursday Morning Women’s Bible Study

Join us on Thursday mornings as we read scripture from the weekly Lectionary and have conversations based on meditations from Feasting on the Word: Daily Feast, edited by Kathleen Long Bostrom, Elizabeth F. Caldwell, and Jana K. Riess. We meet on Thursday mornings at 9:30 for coffee, and at 9:45 for prayer and discussion. Come, join the 20 or more women who gather each week to make space for God and for fellowship.

Exploring Spiritual Practices

As we grow in God’s Spirit, we all need different practices or disciplines to nurture that relationship. There is no one right way for all people. And each person will likely find different spiritual practices to be meaningful, based on personality or time and place of life. Our Christian tradition is replete with various options. After Worship next Sunday, February 2, in Room 301, Seth Weeldreyer will offer an opportunity to explore what may work for you. There will be a sort of  testing tool to help assess what may fit your natural inclinations, with many practical examples to consider. If you have questions, contact Seth. Otherwise, we will hope to share the (inner) journey!

Thoughtful Readers Book Club

Thoughtful Readers Book Club will meet at 7:00 p.m on Monday, January 27, in Room 300 to discuss the book, Before We Were Yours, by Lisa Wingate.  All are welcome to come to be a part of this group.

Reading Aloud

The Book of Joy, the New York Times best seller by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and His Holiness the Dalai Lama, will be the Reading Aloud group’s next book.  Starting Sunday, February 2, at 9:00 a.m. in Room 300, each week before the main service

we will read the reflections of these two wise leaders on how we might find “lasting happiness” in a world that presents ever more challenges to our spiritual and psychological wellbeing. We have copies of the book to share with all participants. Join us each Sunday at 9:00 in our beautiful reading room (Room 300). Contact Kim Cummings (342-6943) or Phyllis Curtis (345-8195) for more information.