"A Sanctuary in the City… Living Faith"

Ministry with Community

Ministry with Community was founded in 1978 by a small group of local citizens led by Dorothy Markusse, a member of First Presbyterian. It was initially located at North Presbyterian Church, and provided basic services to adults with no other place to turn. In 1985, it moved into its current location on North Church Street.

Currently “Ministry” provides daytime shelter, breakfast, and lunch 365 days a year; laundry facilities; drop-in social work assistance; free, long-term secure storage; private shower rooms; haircuts; personal care items; birth certificates/ID’s; bus tokens; phone access/mailing address; emergency assistance; computer lab; and educational and enrichment opportunities (such as housing and employment support, health seminars and screenings, and creative arts classes). The demand for services has increased tremendously in recent years, with the result that Ministry with Community has outgrown its current location. A facility is now being built at 500 N. Edwards to more adequately serve those in need.

Ministry with Community Sunday Lunch
Volunteers from church serve lunch at Ministry with Community on the first Sunday of each month. This intergenerational service is scheduled by the Outreach Committee in cooperation with the Youth Ministry. Some of our elementary-age children have become very experienced at preparing food trays. MwC serves two nutritious meals each day to all who come. Meals are served in a pleasant dining room, and our volunteer activities range from greeting diners to serving them, preparing the dinner plates, replenishing serving dishes, and playing the piano.

In 2015, 66 volunteers from First Presbyterian Church served over 2,000 individual meals. A recruitment drive in the fall added ten volunteers to the roster. Over 250 hours were worked, with most volunteers working from one to three two-hour shifts during the year.