"A Sanctuary in the City… Living Faith"

Welcome to our Library!

Located in room 212 on the second floor, our library is an expertly curated treasure trove of information. Last year we had almost 500 books checked-out to members of our congregation! With new books chosen by librarian Kathy Campbell for relevancy to the Church and current events; the library currently carries about 20 titles from the bestseller’s list.

The library is open twice during the week (see the weekly calendar for times) and is also open by appointment. Call (269) 344-0119 to contact Ann if you would like access during the week.

The rental period for books is one month; just write your name, phone number, and date on the card (located in the front cover of the book) and put the card in the container provided. You can return books to the library, the drop box outside the library, or the library cart.

The “full-service” library cart is in the Gathering Place on Sunday mornings. On the cart, you will find a selection of books for all ages, including relevant books from recent book studies and lectures (unless someone has already borrowed them!) You can check-out and return books to this cart just as you would in the library.

While we have non-fiction and fiction books available for children, youth, and adults, we also have a reference section and periodical section related specifically to Presbyterians. Among other titles, you can find current issues of Presbyterians Today and Horizons magazines in the periodical selection to try before you subscribe for yourself!

There are a few ways you can search for books: using the card catalog, which can help get you to the book or subject, and from that location on the shelf you will find even more on that subject. Or ask Librarian Kathy Campbell during library hours about the digital database, which has about 1,400 titles to search!

We invite you to stop by to visit and to see the uniquely illustrated Jerusalem Bible, (with artwork by Salvador Dali) located in the reference section.