"A Sanctuary in the City… Living Faith"

Special Offerings

Every year we have four Special Offerings sponsored by the Presbyterian Church USA. These
Special Offerings are a way for all Presbyterians to come together to change lives locally and
around the world. Though our offerings may seem small, they are like the mustard seed, which,
tiny as it is, holds the promise of an incredible tree. Our gifts hold that same promise: that they will grow to accomplish amazing things.

  • During Lent, we collect the One Great Hour of Sharing offering, which provides funding for disaster assistance, hunger relief programs, and grants for community development such as the Self-Development of People. Many will recall that a little over a year ago a group supported by Kim Cummings received a grant to assist low-income residents in winterizing their homes.
  • Every year, in May, we receive the Pentecost Offering, which focuses on our youth. Youth Ministries, Young Adult Volunteers (YAV), and Child Advocacy programs receive the benefits
    of this offering. Also, 40% of the offering is retained locally to be used to help children at risk and for the development of youth.
  • The Peace and Global Witness Offering is collected on Peacemaking Sunday in early October. This offering promotes peace practices and reconciliation through education and Christian witness around the world. 25% of our church’s offering is kept locally to invest in local ministries of peace and reconciliation. We designated our $341 to support the Kalamazoo Anti-Human Trafficking Coalition.
  • During Advent, the Christmas Joy Offering is received to provide financial support and grants for current and retired church workers in their time of need, and supports students attending Presbyterian-related racial/ethnic schools and colleges.