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Edison School Outreach Program

Just completing 16 years, the Edison School Outreach Project has grown from that hardy, adventurous number of ten to being the largest faith-based volunteer group (over 60 people) serving in the Kalamazoo Public Schools. Our volunteers work as individual tutors in reading and math, work with small groups under the direction of the classroom teachers, accompany student groups on field trips, bake and deliver birthday cupcakes each month, help with the gardening in the greenhouse, and five volunteers bring their dogs to listen to children read. The Hearts-to-Hands Stitchers made seatback book caddies for several classrooms. With a contribution from the congregational Outreach Committee and the estate of Elaine Kuney, a long-time elementary school teacher and a Martha Circle member, each child was given a book before Christmas. And the Outreach Committee enabled us to buy re-cycling bins for the greenhouse. Many members of the congregation donated funds, school supplies, and classroom snacks. The entire congregation, led by the pastors as well as individuals, prays frequently for the volunteers, teachers, staff, and Edison children and their families.

As the school year winds down, the volunteers in the Edison School Outreach Project want to thank all the members of the congregation for their prayers, pencils, school supplies, and the funds for books for the children. They were greatly appreciated by the children and their teachers.

As you think ahead about next fall, please consider how you might help in this project. Could you give one hour each week to work with children in the classroom under the supervision of the
teacher? Would you be able to bake 20-30 cupcakes each month, or maybe every other month, so that children can experience a birthday celebration?

If you want more information, please contact any of the following:
Joyce Petro (342-6817) joyce@petrocam.com
Carol Payne Smith (388-2278) paynesmith83@gmail.com
Sue Johnson (276-9216) suebird.johnson@gmail.com
Joseph Sablan (773-569-6243) richieandjoey@sbcglobal.net