"A Sanctuary in the City… Living Faith"

Daily Prayers

In these days, when typical routines which structure our day seem to blur or disappear, we might begin to feel disoriented – in heart and mind, if not actual time. Throughout our Christian heritage, people have tried to frame each day with practices of prayer—like portals into the next stage of our 24-hour journey—seeking to remain every oriented by Holy Love within and among us. What follows is a sort of simple rhythm in the spirit of Benedictine practice. Of course, if we find them useful, we can personalize these prayers in whatever space or precise moment we pause and open to God’s presence.


Morning prayer

In the stillness before this day begins, Beloved Creator,

my heart opens to your grace; gratefully I listen for your voice in the silence.

As this hour opens the door to a new day, Loving Christ,

I arise and give thanks for new opportunities to fulfill your purpose.

In my tasks and decisions, O Holy Spirit of Love, grant me courage, wisdom, and perseverance

as I seek to bring blessing to all whom I serve through mindful, careful, cheerful work.


Midday Prayer

At this mid-day hour, Holy Sustainer of All Life,

help me see and celebrate the gifts of life in community and in all creation.

As I take a deep breath in your presence,

I lift up my heart in a moment of grateful silence

and I pray all beings everywhere may live in the fullness of your peace.


Afternoon / Evening Prayer

At this hour, as day declines towards evening, Merciful God,

may I be renewed in your grace and not grow tired of giving my best.

Through evening hours to come,

as I review in my heart and mind the harvest of today,

may I give thanks for what I have learned … as I look to tomorrow.


Prayer at End of Day

At this hour of rest for the night, Eternal God,

I give thanks for delights in this day

and seek forgiveness for things I’ve done or left undone.

I send blessings to all who cannot sleep

and open my heart for the gift of dreams.



Grace and Peace,