Green P’s Flower Exchange

Our Flower Exchange will continue bi-weekly through the growing season.

The Exchange is simple: bring some transplantable flowers in and/or take some home. (You can still take some home, even if you didn’t bring any to exchange.) Thin your beds or bring the annuals you don’t feel like planting. “Flowers” can be perennials, wildflowers, grasses, shrubs, trees, etc. Native plants are especially welcome, since they help the bees and micro-community in Southwest Michigan survive. Plants should be labeled and can be in plastic bags, recyclable containers, or buckets. From 9-11:15 a.m., drop them off at the parking lot entrance on small tables marked for plants. Any extra flowers will be donated to local parks and other nonprofits with gardens.

To help advertise plants for our Exchange, please fill out a form found on the signup table in the Gathering Place, we will make a note of it in the weekly announcements. This week there are extra daylilies. If you need some, fill out a form to let us know.

Have a wonderful season!