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The Sea of Galilee

We worship in a boat in the Sea of Galilee. In view are so many places where people would have seen and heard Jesus and experienced God’s love in him—his call to discipleship, teaching, healing, eating meals, sharing ordinary every day life. It is a holy place in its way. And these waters remind me…

The Valley of Armageddon

We overlook the valley of Armageddon from a mount outside Nazareth, Jesus’ home town. This valley is the main route from the ancient civilizations in the Tigris / Euphrates and Nile river regions. And so it has been a source of commerce, culture, and great battles for millennia. Peaceful and green and verdant now. And yet, experience of humanity over many generations inspires the apocalyptic imagery in the Bible and popular culture. More than fanciful “Game of Thrones” prophecy about a literal future place and time, the Bible tries to articulate and connect with realities people would have known, while using the poetry in geography and legendary memory to express the promises of God’s love in, greater than, and transforming all suffering and death to bring abundant life.

Delayed Start to Holy Land

We arrived at the airport in Chicago to find out our first flight to Vienna has been cancelled for a medical emergency on the inbound plane. So we were rerouted through Zurich. And we had no choice but to accept an eleven hour layover. So two overnight flights back to back … what to do…