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holy spirit as lens to see Jesus

Vision Check

Jesus calls on his followers to look at him, not through the eyes of the world, but through the refractive grace of the Holy Spirit. Without the Spirit’s lens on the events to follow, we see only one more Jewish insurrectionist executed by the Romans. …The truth of that moment that resonates through the generations is that, in that moment, when Jesus is lifted up on the cross, and in the days that follow, people saw the divine revealed through the humanity of Jesus. Through the lens of Jesus, our vision of God is corrected, and the world around us is brought back into focus.

Sanctuary for All

Whatever we do together—in our sanctuary and elsewhere in our community—I believe that’s what God wants us to be and to share. Jesus says he is that temple of God’s presence and power in the world. And through the resurrection, we believe we become the body of Christ. We are built together as the temple, the spiritual dwelling place of God.

The Cross and the Medal Platform

The cross. Defeat. Suffering. Humiliation. Death. The end of life. Foolish? Ridiculously stupid is more like it! And it’s the central core, the greatest expression of our living faith. God’s way to resurrection hope, power, peace, the fullest life we could know beyond our imagination. ……… What?